Our Partners: Children Mending Hearts

Art is something that transcends culture and time. Art can inspire, entertain, or protest—even all at once. It's a medium that sets rules aside, and allows creativity to take over. Boundaries seem to vanish as the only limit becomes imagination. Art is freedom.

In 2008, Lysa Heslov founded Children Mending Hearts—an organization founded with the purpose of giving children worldwide the ability to express themselves through creativity and art.

CMH's first global project was in the war-torn areas of Sudan that had recently experienced tragic genocide. Sometimes the media can desensitize our minds to the reality of a situation—the fact that there are children left in the aftermath of these events who desperately need an escape. Lysa found an escape for these children through art. She made and decorated kites with a group of children and saw the happiness and empowerment on their faces as they watched what they had created come to life in the sky.

Unfortunately, the social and emotional health of children in areas like this can be largely overlooked though physical needs are being met. Through creative and artistic therapy methods, children can express themselves and their emotions in ways that otherwise can't be expressed. 

Through their Global Arts Program, CMH works with underprivileged children to help them find a voice through art with programs in photography, drawing, painting, textiles, and more. This arts program is also integrated with social activism and empathetic outreach to youth in other countries.

We're excited to partner with CMH's vision with our "Art Is Freedom" design. When our new releases go live, you'll be able to pick up this design and support CMH. With every sale, we're donating $10 to Children Mending Hearts.