Our Team

dprture is an art collaboration between Hannah Spence and Daniel Straub.

Our Story

In the fall of 2014, the groundwork for what would become dprture was laid. A few conversations came up about a way to make our artwork and designs available for people to purchase, but there was never really anything that seemed right for us. We decided to start our own website to sell shirts and merchandise that featured our artwork. In the initial discussions, it became clear that we both had a heart to help people. When we picked a name, we wanted to choose something that would encapsulate the purpose of the site and our dream for it. In a world where a majority of people are more concerned about themselves than others, we wanted to be an anomaly, a departure from the normal. The name "dprture" represents something we like. A new norm of greatness — putting the needs of someone else before your own. We wanted to make a place where we could grow and develop our skills, but more than that, we wanted to foster a culture of loving and helping people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to love and help people. We're passionate about doing something bigger than ourselves and our work. Every product on our site supports a cause that we care about.  Every few months, we'll launch a new line of products that support a new set of causes in addition to the ones we're already supporting. Every time you make a purchase on this site, a portion of the proceeds goes to help people in need. We're actively partnering with brands and organizations who have hands-on interaction with the causes we support. 

Our Products

We use high-quality materials (that we LOVE) when we make our products, and we think you'll notice. High-quality, professional printing ensures that our artwork will look great on the products we make.


We're always looking for causes to support. If you'd like to suggest a cause, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email with the cause and an organization we can partner with to make an impact!