We're a small team that's passionate about our work.

dprture is devoted to creating high-quality contentwhether that's for our products in the store, or for other projects. dprture productions was founded to create great content and help people. With every project we take on, we not only create content for brands and organizations, but also donate a percentage of the proceeds to one of our partner charities.

We specialize in video, graphics, photography, advertising materials, print materials, and social media content. We also have years of experience with audio/visual setup and production for live events and conferences.

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Our Team

Austin Straub | Cinematographer

Austin is our lead video producer at dprture. He has years of experience creating high-quality content in the film industry for both branded projects and narrative projects. Austin has also worked with live event production and broadcasting for the past 4 years. To check out his work, click here.

Daniel Straub | Graphic Designer / Photographer

Daniel is our lead designer. Daniel has years of experience in graphic design and photography, and recently co-founded dprture. He is responsible for much of the promotional materials and advertising work for dprture. Daniel has also worked with live event production and broadcasting for the past 4 years. To see a sample of his other photography and design work, click here.

Caleb Diaz | Photographer / Cinematographer

Caleb is our lead photographer, specializing in brand and lifestyle photography. He was recognized by Instagram for his artistic achievements in the app as a suggested user, and has consistently proven himself a valuable asset to brands with his photography on social media. Check out his work here.

Hannah Spence | Artist

Hannah is our lead artist responsible for the handmade elements of a design. Hannah has years of experience in art, and recently co-founded dprture. She is responsible for the artwork and physical elements used in our design and promotional materials.

Featured Projects

Media Molecule, the team behind the award winning video game LittleBigPlanet, invited us to join them at PAX Prime 2013 to document their game for the PlayStation Vita–Tearaway. This video showcased not only the game itself, but also the community's first interaction and impressions of the new gameplay elements introduced in the demo.

ANOKLESIS was a video created for one of the largest student conferences in Southern California. Our production team was also involved in the stage design process and live streaming coordination for the conference.

Caleb Diaz's work for dprture's promotional photography. These images have been used in the print and digital advertising for dprture that have supported the company since launch.

Brand and portrait photography by Caleb Diaz.